Monday, May 10, 2010

Life beyond honour

She dared to love outside the honour
She dared to dream outside the taboo
She dared to laugh with someone on the edge
She dared to think of a beautiful life; she had a right for all the happiness
But no, we are an honoured society
We live in the name of honour
Underneath our skin
Inside our heads
Tarnished and convoluted
Stupid, disgusting honour
Every time I think I know the meaning of honour; they make it hazy again
We kill people for honour
There is no regret; no questions no answers
Shot; burnt and thrown
Some feel proud after the life is gone
I will try to understand their meaning of honour

The honour which doesn’t believe in love,dream and laughter….


  1. ...bull's eye!... and full credit for that... this article needs some attention for sure... :)

  2. u r a magician with words for sure Suru.....excellent thoughts beautifully worded yet again!!!!

  3. Too good. You just are too good. Must send this to Eunice D'souza from St. Xaviers. She will be very happy to see this for sure.

  4. Your posts are as beautiful as you are..Keep writing!

  5. exactly what I think when I read about some 'news' in newspapers and hear some of the same on TV...

    kudos to you for posting something which is much required...keep writing!!!

  6. @Garima.. true. much required.. People need to come out of their small thinking..

  7. thanks for your wonderful comments Atul, DEvika and Mel:)